DESIGNER Yu Nung (Jerry) Hsieh / Ming Jo (Cynthia) Hsieh


Jerry Hsieh - Shih Chien University,
Cynthia Hsieh - London College of Fashion

Look for at NYFW FW22 Runway show : 4 Men's and 4 Women’s


FW22 theme: WrevoLutionX

Unlike past exaggerated colors and floral patterns, WooLeeX’s latest collection features the concept of symphony. Elements including collages, printings, and drawings are used on suits, and add to this season's custom fabrics, creating the brand's very own WooLeeX world.

Jerry and Cynthia Hsieh see music as life with emotions, as a flower telling a story of “Kishōtenketsu” (the structure and development of classic Chinese, Korean and Japanese narratives) at its own pace as a symphony sways between high intensity and steady peacefulness. In this season's custom fabrics, patterns of mountains, forests, and waving plum blossoms are printed on 3D jacquard fabrics. The pattern of jacquards, as music listeners, show different reactions to different emotions; some thrillingly wave their hands, some fall with the deep melody, and others dance joyfully to the tune.

This series features lots of formal wear. Suits are known to many for their formality, like a song has its regular rhythm. WooLeeX, a fashion rebel, uses plaid with formal wear, combining it with different drawings and totem prints. e.g. the flower cycle and listeners mentioned above. As there are no boundaries in music, a symphony can have the qualities of heavy metal, hip- hop, and rock music.

FW22 collection reinterprets the definition of formal wear with breakthrough concepts, using brownish fabric such as the totem of vintage furniture and the pattern above as the brand logo with blossoming flowers (the listeners). Brocade, which is a familiar fabric to the brand, also makes its appearance. The series allows spectators to rethink the subtlety between the ups and downs of emotion and the rules & regulations while experiencing fashion and music. Let the passionate singing and the deep roar interweave a unique narrative, extracting the color of emotion that belongs to every participated individual.





Brand concept

WooLeeX is known for its ingenuity to fuse its brand’s artistic painting style with fashion: forceful visual impact at first glance, delicate hand-drawn work of art at a closer look. The brand integrates the techniques of the East and the West through cultural hybridity, which is widely shown in the pattern design.

With expression of creative artworks reflected in each season as well as in celebrities’ outfits, the designers not only bring what they’ve seen and learned back to Taiwan, but add Taiwanese traditional embroidery to experiment with different styles in order to discover endless possibilities of art, allowing people to re-define and re-experience fashion.

The brand debut with its SS20 "COLOR" collection at the Vancouver Fashion Week in 2019, followed by the 2020’s New York Fashion Week show. Past collaborations include Taiwan local king Jacky Wu, famous host Mickey Hsieh, and many singers such as Bii, Nine Chen, Kenny Khoo, Kumachan, OSN and more.



2019年のバンクーバーファッションウィークでSS20「COLOR」コレクションでデビュー、その後、2020年のニューヨークファッションウィークで発表を行った。過去には台湾ローカルキングのJacky Wu、有名司会者のMickey Hsiehに加え、Bii、Nine Chen、Kenny Khoo、Kumachan、OSNなど多くのシンガーとコラボしている。

Designer/Brand bio

Yu Nung (Jerry) Hsieh:
Founder of WooLeeX and co-founder of WLX STYLING with Cynthia Hsieh, Deep into US/Asian hip-hop culture and old school totem tattoo arts, Jerry Hsieh is known for the integration of fabric and drawings.

Ming Jo (Cynthia) Hsieh:
London College of Fashion grad, WooLeeX womenswear designer and accessories brand MUIR co-founder. Creating contrasting visual impact and smoothly integrating feminine elegance with the brand's extreme character, Cyhthis Hsieh has many experiences working with celebrities on ceremonial outfits.

Yu Nung (Jerry) Hsieh:
WooLeeXの設立者であり、Cynthia Hsiehと共にWLX STYLINGの共同設立者であるJerry Hsiehは、アメリカン・アジアンのヒップホップ文化やオールドスクールのトーテムタトゥーアートに精通し、布と絵の統合を得意とする。

Ming Jo (Cynthia) Hsieh: