DESIGNER Glenda Garcia


Central Saint Martins & Parsons School of Design

Look for at NYFW FW22 Runway show : 8 Women’s


FW22 theme: on the job

This capsule collection was inspired by work. As a child Garcia associated suits with workwear, which funnily enough none of the grown ups in her life actually wore to work. She grew aware of the diversity of workwear and how it reflects one’s profession. This capsule takes note of the ‘traditional’ business workwear and other work garments and accessories such as utility belts, aprons, and rags.

The process of designing FW22 capsule collection was heavily focused on wear testing and draping on the body; wearing existing clothing, styling, layering, twisting, distorting on the body to take inspiration for silhouettes and details.

Together through the process of designing by wearing and taking the inspiration of the various facets of workwear, this capsule is designed for the modern working woman.




Brand concept

GLENDA GARCIA was founded with function and utility as its compass - with a focus on creating subtle moments in the everyday act of dressing and interacting with clothing through a play on clean and classic silhouettes, intricate details and materiality inspired by cross-disciplinary processes.

機能性と実用性をコンパスとして設立されたGLENDA GARCIA。クリーンでクラシックなシルエット、複雑なディテール、そして分野横断的なプロセスにインスパイアされた素材感を活かした服を提案し、日常の着こなしや服との対話の中に繊細な瞬間を生み出す。

Designer/Brand bio

Glenda Garcia is a fashion designer, born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. She grew up with a large extended family of designers, engineers and entrepreneurs.

She attained a foundation in Arts and Design diploma with a focus on textiles at Central Saint Martins in London before continuing her studies and graduating with honors from Parsons School of Design in New York with a BFA in Fashion Design. She then pursued a Masters Degree in Fashion Management from Parsons’ Fashion Management MPS program. During her studies Garcia was rewarded a scholarship from being a runner-up in the 2016 CFDA/Teen Vogue Scholarship in Partnership with Target and also highlighted as one of the graduates in CFDA’s Future Fashion Graduate Showcase 2020. Since moving to New York she has worked for brands such as Public School and Proenza Schouler.
Garcia is based in New York City.

グレンダ・ガルシアは、インドネシアのジャカルタ出身。デザイナー、エンジニア、起業家といった多彩な大家族で育つ。ロンドンのセントラル・セントマーチンズでテキスタイルを中心としたFoundation in Arts and Designのディプロマを取得した後、ニューヨークのパーソンズ・スクール・オブ・デザインでファッション・デザインのBFAを取得。その後、パーソンズのMPSプログラムでファッション・マネジメントの修士号を取得。在学中に「2016 CFDA/Teen Vogue Scholarship in Partnership with Target」で準優勝し奨学金を得たほか、「CFDA's Future Fashion Graduate Showcase 2020」に選出され、注目される。ニューヨークを拠点に活動中。