DESIGNER Kotono Fukazawa 深澤思乃


Vantan Design Institute 3rd year
バンタンデザイン研究所 3年生

Look for at NYFW FW22 Runway show : 8 Men’s


FW22 theme:
The sense of discomfort lurking in everyday life (is) fun

While collecting interesting images on the Internet, Kotono Fukazawa noticed a common denominator: "It's interesting to see something strange happening in a scene or familiar scenery that feels like déjà vu! This was the inspiration for the COCOTONO FW22 collection.

The designer used items and patterns that are already well known and accepted by many people as source material, and added a sense of “uncomfortable feeling, strangeness” that made her laugh unintentionally.

She expressed "lol" (laugh of little), where people wearing silly items blend into familiar everyday scenery.

“日常に潜む違和感 楽しい”
深澤思乃は、インターネットで面白い画像を集めているうちに「既視感のあるシーンや見慣れた風景で、違和感ある何かが起こっているモノは面白い!」という共通項に気付き、これが COCOTONO FW22 コレクションのインスピレーションとなった。


可笑しなアイテムを身につけた人たちが、見慣れた日常の風景に紛れ込む 「lol」(laugh of little)を表現した。

Brand concept

'lol (laugh of little)' (to laugh unintentionally)
Fukazawa likes the light-heartedness of "lol" and "w" used at the end of sentences on the Internet. She wants to make people laugh through her brand, so uses the English slang 'lol (laugh out loud)' as a concept.

While the clothes are based on everyday wear, the length is shortened and the silhouette has a loose, carefree feel, creating a mischievous and rough atmosphere.

By adding elements of puns and jokes, the designer aims to create products that will make people all over the world laugh unintentionally.

’lol (laugh of little)’ (思わずフフッと笑ってしまう)
インターネット上で文末に使われる「笑」や「w」のような軽い言い回しが好きで、このブランドを通して人を笑わせたいという思いから、英語のスラングである ’lol (laugh out loud)’ をもじってコンセプトにしている。



Designer/Brand bio

From a childhood, Fukazawa has been laughing and She liked to make people laugh and entertain. Fukazawa continues to explore how to express it in her collection.
Fukazawa entered Vantan Design Institute in 2019.

2019年度 バンタンデザイン研究所入学。