DESIGNER Aoi Niikuni 新國 あおい


Vantan Design Institute Osaka school 2nd year
バンタンデザイン研究所 大阪校

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Runway show : 10 Women’s


FW21 theme: Intersection

YONLOKAN designer Aoi Niikuni has always been intrigued by things that don’t already exist. Niikuni is attracted to the concept of ambiguity and the many possibilities that could be considered, while strictly existing in mathematical form or virtual idea. Defining the existence of the intangible, in modern academia, is the concept of the brand’s FW 21 collection.

Bringing to light this notion, the word “intersection” embodies the multiplicity in its definition. A virtual object, like a mathematical graph, the location of where two objects collide, through to the exchanges between people - the word has many meanings. Much like this collection, Niikuni believes that “intersection” is a word that could be experienced in a variety of forms and contexts.


この概念を浮き彫りにしたのが、「Intersection」という言葉であり、その定義の中に多重性を体現している。数学のグラフのような仮想的な物体、二つの物体がぶつかり合う場所、人と人との交流など、この言葉には様々な意味が込められている。新國は、このコレクショ ンのように、「Intersection」という言葉は、様々な形や文脈で体験できる言葉であると考える。

Brand concept

With the concept of “Plus a wit,” YONLOKSAN embraces a minimal aesthetic. Just like a baseball game’s double play “4-6-3” (Yon Lok San (pronunciation in Japanese), which looks seemingly obvious yet packed with detailed techniques, YONLOKSAN creates designs that appear straight-forward, but designed with small nuances.

Dressing among the confines of gender norms is of no interest to the designer, but identifies the brand as different among other genderless and unisex concepts. Its effort is not to define who wears it. Dared to put into words, YONLOKSAN is FOR HUMANS.

YONLOKSAN hopes that the depth of the concept, translated through unexpected details, will be enjoyed from a variety of angles.

プラス ウィットをコンセプトに、ミニマルな美学を取り入れたYONLOKSAN。当たり前のように見えても細かいテクニックが詰まっている、野球のダブルプレー「4-6-3」のように、YONLOKSANは一見普通に見えても、ちょっとしたギミックのあるデザインを生み出す。

ジェンダーの基準で服を選び着ることは、デザイナーにとっては興味のないことだが、YONLOKSANはジェンダーレスやユニセックスというコンセプトとも違う。YONLOKSANの強みは、誰が着るかを定義しないこと。あえて言葉にするならば、YONLOKSANはFOR HUMANS。


Designer/Brand bio

Born in 1999, in Hokkaido, Japan, Aoi Niikuni enjoys baseball, rock and jazz, and unique vintage finds. Niikuni hopes the wearer will experience the inspirations for her work through her quiet, yet innovative designs.

Niikuni entered University in 2019, majoring in applied chemistry, but soon changed course and enrolled in the Vantan Design Institute in Osaka, Japan. In the same year, she participated in the Cutting Edge 2019, hosted by the institute. The following year she won the prestigious Grand Prix prize, in the same competition. She continued to gain momentum after her Osaka win, participating in the Cutting Edge 2020 in Tokyo, garnering another Semi Grand Prix victory. Coincidentally, she participated and won the AFC Fashion Week Tokyo, that same year, and was selected to participate in AFC’s show during NYFW.


2019年に大学に入学し応用化学を専攻したが、すぐに進路を変更し、大阪のバンタンデザイン研究所に入学。同年、同研究所主催の「Cutting Edge 2019」に参加。翌年、同コンテストでグランプリを受賞。大阪でのグランプリ受賞後も勢いを増し、東京で開催された「Cutting Edge 2020」に参加、準グランプリを獲得。同年AFC 8th東京ステージを経て、NYFWでコレクション発表予定。