DESIGNER Yuan Lung Kao ガァォ ユァンローン


Royal College of Art (graduated in 2018)

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Runway show : 8 Women’s


FW21 theme: Torqued Spiral

An unexpected journey in space is now sailing towards a new direction. The Syzygy aircraft continues its journey of sailing in space and traveling through time. Alongside the Torqued Spiral in the space, Syzygy leads its audience into a brand new era of Syzygy.

Syzygy FW21 has constructed a new theme - “Torqued Spiral”, and is ready to lead the audience into a brand new stage of its one and only space journey. For this season, Syzygy considers the twisted star track as the main inspiration for design and at the same time wants to start a brand new journey through space as an introduction of the breaking dawn for this depressing period of the fashion industry. With the “Torqued Spiral” as the main inspiration for this season, Syzygy is aiming to create garments with multiple possibilities.

For the material of Syzygy FW21-Torqued Spiral, the brand uses top quality Milano wool and local polyester yarn and fabric. With high-quality materials, Syzygy will again combine its multiple specialized design methods such as digital knitting, digital print design, and laser cutting.

Syzygyがこれまで続けてきた思いがけない宇宙の旅は、いま、新たな方向に歩みを進める。Syzygy FW21は、「Torqued Spiral」をテーマとし、オーディエンスを宇宙の旅の新たなステージへと導く。今シーズンのデザインのインスピレーションは、ねじれた星の軌跡。ファッション業界のこの憂鬱な時期の夜明けを表現するため、時を超え宇宙を旅する新たな旅を始め、様々な可能性を秘めた衣服の創造を目指す。

Syzygy FW21「Torqued Spiral」の素材には、最高級のミラノウールとポリエステル糸と生地を使用。高品質な素材を使用し、デジタルニット、デジタルプリントデザイン、レーザーカッティングなど、Syzygyが得意とする様々なデザイン手法を再び融合させる。

Brand concept

Established in London in 2019, Syzygy is best known for the concept of “one garment, multiple possibilities” along with the specially designed architectural structure for the garments.

Syzygy not only specializes in knitting all kinds of innovative silhouettes for fashion, but also dedicates its aesthetic of combining sophisticated shapes with creative materials in order to create the diversity of fashion.


Designer/Brand bio

Born in 1990, in Taipei, Taiwan. Yuan Lung Kao studied at Royal College of Art in London, graduating with Knitwear MA degree in 2018. Kao is good at using specialized texture design and knitting structure to create a unique, linear aesthetic for fashion. She won the first prize at the well-known knitwear competition - Pitti Filati in Italy in 2017, and also won numerous first prizes from Taiwan Textile Federation. He also obtained a dual degree from two best fashion schools in Taiwan - Fu Jen Cathelic University and Shih Chieh University.

Syzygy was established in London in 2019. The brand was invited to present its collections in London Fashion Week twice shortly after the debut. Syzygy also presented their collection in Paris during Fashion Week afterwards.

The work of Syzygy has received exposure from Vogue Italia, Vogue British, Now Fashion, Dazed and Confused, 1 Granary, WHYTT Magazine, Neomania Magazine, Demur Magazine, Nasty Magazine, Darkus Magazine and others. Syzygy’s design was selected by British Netflix and was worn by Ruth Brown, the singer for the theme song of the popular TV series, The Black Godfather.

ロンドンのロイヤル・カレッジ・オブ・アートで学び、2018年にニットウェアのMA学位を取得。Kaoは、特殊なテクスチャーデザインとニット構造を用い、独特の線形美学を生み出すことを得意とする。2017年にイタリアの有名なニットウェアコンテスト「Pitti Filati」で優勝したほか、これまでに台湾ニットウェアユニオンからいくつもの賞を受賞している。また、台湾でトップクラスのファッションスクールであるShih Chien大学とFu Jen大学を卒業し二つの学位を取得。

Syzygyは、Vogue Italia、Vogue British、Now Fashion、Dazed and Confused、1 Granary、WHYTT Magazine、Neomania Magazine、Demur Magazine、Nasty Magazine、Darkus Magazineなど多数のメディアに掲載され、また、イギリスのNetflix人気テレビシリーズ『ブラック・ゴッドファーザー』にも使用され、主題歌を歌うルース・ブラウンが着用している。