DESIGNER Kao Tomiyama 冨山 華緒


Vantan Design Institute Tokyo School 3rd year
バンタンデザイン研究所 東京校

Look at NYFW FW21
Runway show : 10 Women’s



The theme of kaoism(e) FW21 collection draws from the notion of “dressing up”, once reserved strictly for special occasions or specific destinations. The seeds for her latest collection was inspired by a TV show that kaoism(me) designer, Koa Tomiyama saw, with an actress confessing the purchase of a new dress - her joy energizing her to take a walk about in her new attire. This intrigued Tomiyama to create this collection.

Usually, extravagant dressing may be deemed over-the-top for a mere stroll around the neighborhood, but changing the perspective can bring new joy to the mundane of everyday. Tomiyama wanted to incorporate this feeling of abandon to her designs. Gone are the times when people made an effort to dress for daily activities - putting on make-up and getting dressed up to run errands. Tomiyama believes that daring to make the effort will spark happiness and bring joy to the norms of life. She designed this collection, “Neighborhood Dress” with hopes that people feel the same exhilaration when they wear her designs.



Brand concept

The brand concept is not to choose clothing based on a place or occasion, but to coordinate and wear them wherever we like - as we like. Eliminating the connotations of getting dressed, kaoism(e) aims to make clothes we enjoy and love. The brand hopes that by removing the prescribed ideas on fashion, everyone can express themselves more freely through dressing.

For women visionaries, kaism(e) brings forth a collection with a unique perspective without restraints or dated logic, while changing the stereotypes of T.P.O. Balancing color, pattern and texture, the designer delivers an exciting journey, the storyline woven in each garment, making you feel like the protagonist in your very own story. Without limitation, Tomiyama constructs many combinations to challenge the expected and bring life to her debut designs.



Designer/Brand bio

Born in 1999, in Saitama, Japan, Tomiyama’s passion for clothes started while in kindergarten, after seeing a costume at a ballet recital. She has dreamed of becoming a fashion designer since then. Her plans were to attend an ordinary university and work in the apparel industry, but her journey turned towards becoming a fashion designer. She took the plunge, entering the VANTAN Design Institute, majoring in Fashion Design.