DESIGNER Ya-Hsin Chung チョン・ヤーシン

Look for at NYFW FW24 Runway show : 6 Women’s and 2 Men's


FW24 theme


Continuing the footsteps of the previous season's SOLO DANCE, AW24 "TRANSFORMATION" unveils unrestricted, liberated and resolute dance movements. Drawing inspiration from cultural symbols, a gradual infusion of darkness gives rise to fresh motives and intentions, communicated through the expressive language of the body. The once pure and radiant swan transforms into silver-grey, deep grey, ultimately flourishing into an unrestrained black swan.

Following pure passion and pain, accumulating unstoppable transformations. The transitions from pristine white to profound black unfold, resembling the oxidation process—a compelling shift in the chapters of music.

In a world solely dedicated to achieving transformations, the journey towards a closer reflection of one's true self, embracing the process of metamorphosis, is a path to liberation.

Apart from the series transitioning from all-white to black, the voluminous sleeve shapes symbolizing wings gradually enlarge in design, eventually unfolding into the transformed wings of the black swan. To portray a dynamic texture, the eight outfits in the TRANSFORMATION series utilize tweed as the primary fabric, featuring YAXIN ZONE's signature juxtaposition technique with combinations of tweed, suedette, and denim. As a testament to support the local textile industry, the entire TRANSFORMATION series incorporates fabrics manufactured in Taiwan.


前シーズンのSOLO DANCEに引き続き、AW24 "TRANSFORMATION "では、自由で開放的、そして毅然としたダンスの動きを披露。文化的なシンボルからインスピレーションを受け、徐々に闇を注入することで、新鮮な動機と意図が生まれ、身体の表現言語を通して伝えられる。かつては純粋で輝いていた白鳥は、銀灰色、深い灰色へと変化し、最終的には自由奔放な黒鳥へと花開く。



白一色から黒一色に移行するシリーズとは別に、翼を象徴するボリュームのある袖の形は、徐々にデザインが大きくなり、最終的には黒鳥の変身した翼へと展開する。ダイナミックな質感を表現するため、「TRANSFORMATION」シリーズの8着は、ツイードを主な素材とし、ツイード、スエデット、デニムを組み合わせたYAXIN ZONEの特徴的な並置技法を用いている。地元の繊維産業をサポートする証として、TRANSFORMATIONシリーズにはすべて台湾製の生地が使用されている。

Brand concept

YAXIN ZONE derives its name from the designer, YAHSIN CHUNG, serving as both an extension of their identity and a representation of generations X, Y, and Z. These generational labels can be seen as frames, yet within them, we find the potential to flourish and transcend.
Inspired by diverse art forms, YAXIN ZONE encapsulates the emotions and exploratory nature of art, translating them into garments.

YAXIN ZONEは、デザイナーのYAHSIN CHUNGに由来し、彼らのアイデンティティの延長であると同時に、X、Y、Z世代を表現する。多様な芸術形態からインスピレーションを受け、芸術の感情や探求心を衣服に変換している。

Designer/Brand bio

Founder of YAXIN ZONE, Interior Designer, Artist
MSc in Marketing, Brunel University
Summer Program in Fashion Design, Parsons School of Design
Yahsin Chung's love for fashion is derived from her interest in outfits. Not until she went to Parsons School of Design for a short term program did she experience the complete garment production process. Even when she started her career as an interior designer, fashion continued to be a recurring topic in her own artworks.

After a solo interdisciplinary exhibition fusing a catwalk show and space design, she decided to respond to her passion and start her own brand.
From interior design to fashion design, Yahsin Chung extends her work from spatial space to space on human body.
After several years of preparation, YAXIN ZONE is born in 2022.

YAXIN ZONE創設者、インテリアデザイナー、アーティスト
数年の準備期間を経て、2022年にYAXIN ZONEが誕生。