DESIGNER RHEE Junebok/JOO hyunjung イ・ジュンボク/ジュ・ヒョンジョン

Look for at NYFW FW24 Runway show : 8 Women’s


FW24 theme

The dawn air whispers. It is humid and exhales a dark breath. Within it, there is something glittering and firmly entwined. In the momentary blindness, warmth envelops the skin from somewhere. It steadies the heart.

The time faced during the creative process often stands still and alone. At night's end, when the work is done, a sense of both excitement and emptiness emerges. The ultimate truth that nothing can happen without depending on each other hits me. Just like that, we see the infinite cycle of creating something out of nothing, and returning to nothing. This realization is what I want to convey through Re Rhee's very first fashion week runway.

To all creators in the world, you are Re Rhee’s muses. I dedicate this show to them.

Since its launch, Re Rhee has drawn inspiration from all of us living in the present times. For the 24F/W season, inspiration was drawn from all those around us engaged in creativity.

We used fabrics that reflected the array of emotions artists experience during their creative journey, ranging from the formidable and daunting to subtle brilliance and fleeting moments of emotion. Lace objects, sequins, leather, and more were used to merge those situations and emotions. Furthermore, we see a juxtaposition of pristine strength of ivory and the sophistication of black, with point colors that highlight each individual identity are naturally blended in.

Each of Re Rhee's refined design creations with its own character, was reimagined through new styling, aiming to venture beyond the materials to the final look.


創作の過程で直面する時間は、しばしば静止し、孤独である。夜が明け、仕事が終わったとき、興奮と虚無感の両方が現れる。互いに依存し合わなければ何も起こらないという究極の真理が胸を打つ。まさに、無から有を生み出し、また無に戻るという無限のサイクルを目の当たりにする。この実感を、Re Rheeの初めてのファッション・ウィークのランウェイを通して伝えたい。

世界中のクリエイターの皆さん、皆さんはRe Rheeのミューズです。このショーを彼らに捧げます。

Re Rheeは立ち上げ以来、今を生きる私たち全員からインスピレーションを得てきました。24F/Wシーズンは、私たちの周りにいるクリエイティブな活動をしている人たちからインスピレーションを得ました。


Brand concept

RE RHEE is a designer brand that presents a harmonious blend of 'refined luxury and restrained trends' in its looks.

RE RHEE は、「洗練された高級感と抑制されたトレンド」の調和をとったルックスを表現するデザイナーズ ブランドです。

Designer/Brand bio

2022, 2021 Korea Trand Pair Attend
2018 COTERIE, New York USA -Trade Show
2017 Pure London, London UK – Trade Show
2016 White Show Milano, ITALY – Trade Show
2015 present JBREFINE Head Designer

2022, 2021 Korea Trand Pair 参加
2018 COTERIE, New York USA 参加
2017 Pure London, London UK 参加
2016 White Show Milano, ITALY 参加
2015 JBREFINE ヘッドデザイナー就任