DESIGNER Asato Kitamura 北村元統


Parsons The New School of Design with MFA Fashion Design and Society
パーソンズ美術大学院 卒業

Look for at NYFW FW23 Runway show : 9 Women’s


FW23 theme

Theory of Emotion

Brand concept

ASATO's ultimate goal is to affirm human life by discovering new value to past negative experiences and we regard wearing as embracing. Fashion, for us, is a healing ritual that sublimates the pain of life into elegance and celebrates our existence.


Designer/Brand bio

Asato Kitamura was born in Hakusan City, Ishikawa Prefecture.
NY-based artist and fashion designer.
He received his MFA in Fine Art (2022) from PARSONS MFA Fashion Design and Society.
In graduate school, he studied the philosophies of Freud, Nietzsche, and Bataille.
Born in 1996 in Hakusan, Ishikawa, Japan, he grew up influenced by him grandmother, aunt, and mother, who were all deeply involved in Japanese art.
He was a self-taught artist until 2014, but after graduating from high school in 2018, he moved to Tokyo to pursue his activities in earnest. He studied clothing at Tokyo Mode Gakuen Advanced Specialist Course and worked as a seamstress at UNIQLO for 4 years to hone him skills. 2017, he went to London to do an internship at MICHIKO KOSHINO, which inspired him to study abroad. While at Tokyo Mode Gakuen, he won a total of 12 awards in domestic and international fashion contests and graduated in 2018.
He received a scholarship from the Hotta Scholarship Foundation and Tokyo Mode Gakuen to study abroad and traveled to Paris to gain experience working with costume designers. He then moved to the United States to attend Parsons MFA Fashion Design and Society.
His May 2022 collection received attention from Vogue, WWD, and other media around the world.
In October 2022, he successfully presented his first collection in Tokyo, and in December 2020, he held his first solo exhibition at Mizuma & Kip Gallery in New York, which was attended by over 200 people.
(As of December 21, 2022)

PARSONS MFA Fashion Design and SocietyでFine Artの修士号(2022年)を取得。
2014年までは独学で芸術活動をしていたが2018年高校卒業後、活動本格化のために上京。東京モード学園高度専門士コースにて服飾を学び、UNIQLOで4年間、縫製員として働き技術を磨く。2017年にロンドンへ渡りMICHIKO KOSHINOにてインターンシップを行ったことをきっかけに海外留学を決意。東京モード学園在学中には国内外のファッションコンテストにて合計12個の賞を獲得し2018年卒業。
堀田育英財団と東京モード学園から海外留学支援奨学金を獲得しパリへ渡り衣装デザイナーの元で経験を積む。その後渡米しParsons MFA Fashion Design and Societyに入学。
2022年10月には自身としては初となる東京でのコレクション発表を成功させ、先日2020年12月自身初となる個展をNYにあるMizuma & Kip Galleryにて行い、200名以上の来場者数を記録した。2023年2月にはパリでのコレクション発表を控えている。